Read about each of the presenters and their topics for the showcase.

Thom Baselier
Manager ICT
I hold the position of Manager ICT (Information Communication & Technology) at Upper Yarra Community House. UYCH is a community house as well as an RTO. We have students of all age groups. Some students require a high level of support. We look at individual needs and try to adapt learning methods where possible to fit the student’s needs.
The introduction of eLearning systems to our students requires careful preparation. We combine our knowledge of hardware, software and the learning content to create our online modules.
eLearning for all ages, less is more…
Our aim was to make eLearning (Moodle) available for students of “all ages”. We developed the unit “Working Effectively with Aboriginal People” for Aged Care students using Moodle and iPads.
“Aged care” students are trained to care and look after elderly people. These students do not necessarily have a lot of computer skills and experience with eLearning systems.
In our approach we make eLearning for aged care students easy and fun to use.
Kevin L. Blazè
Kevin_Blaze_200x283_for_web_(3).jpgTen years ago, Kevin left his university-teaching position to establish a business in learning development.
Since then, he has developed learning solutions using a wide variety of face-to-face and eLearning strategies and software. His projects have included units in biology and computer studies for university students, movie-editing for school students, strategic planning and materials for call centre training, training in eLearning for university academics, interpretation of radiological imaging for postgraduate doctors, technology training for primary school teachers. Kevin continues to teach, conducting introductory computer classes through the North Ringwood Community House. He spends his spare time playing music and looking for worthwhile projects.
Kathy McCartney
Kathy worked as a nurse in the Aged Care sector for over 20 years before qualifying as a Trainer/Assessor. Since then, she has delivered the Certificate III Aged Care, Certificate III Home and Community Care and Certificate IV in Disability courses at various RTOs including the North Ringwood Community House, developing a real passion for training in the Community Care environment and looking forward to further opportunities to enhance the learning opportunities of students in these courses.
In addition to teaching and working in the Aged Care sector, Kathy is currently in the second year of the Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development at Monash University.
Using rich learning material to promote authentic learning in the community services.
'Work effectively in the community sector' is a common unit in the Community Services Training Package. It stresses the holistic approach to service and the duty of care: these can be difficult concepts for learners.
This project uses video to provide case studies and scenarios to convey the complexity and variability of the working environment and interpersonal relationships; these form the basis of authentic, problem-based learning in the unit.
Sue Braggs
I am a volunteer for the Benambra Neighbourhood House, also do one IT sessions for the East Gippsland Shire Library through the centre too.
Regional Facebook
Through this ementor project it has brought my community into the new social media of facebook. I have clubs now with facebook groups, also now have some community members with facebook pages (the older generation). This is a real plus for us at the centre.
I recently applied for funding and now have an ipad to learn on and I will then be able to take it out to my community and show how it works, have also applied for funding to get 3 ipads and bring all our class computers up to date. All this because I took the pathway with the ementor project.
A good tactic for such a sparse region, it will attract all age demographics. Benambra is an isolated area in East Gippsland high country with a mainly ageing population who suffer the tyranny of distance. By starting the community with a blended approach, I hope to encourage them to go further.
Darren Christie
Darren is the I.T.Program Coordinator at The Centre (Wangaratta / Benalla). Previously a media producer (video, photography, audio, graphics & web) in the veterinary field. Darren’s e-learning involvement includes delivering courses and course components using Moodle and Blackboard Collaborate. He’s a project manager and presenter for NEL-Net (North East Learning Network), a ‘Partnerships for Participation’ pilot project building collaborative partnerships between an RTO and regional Neighborhood Centres for the purpose of building e-literacy skills and delivering remote accredited training. Darren regularly uses Microsoft OneNote as a personal learning space, for organising online research, creating training documents and making quick screen grabs to paste into Blackboard Collaborate.
An introduction to Microsoft OneNote for educators.
Microsoft OneNote is one of those genuinely useful “must have” tools you’ll wonder how you managed without when you first start using it. If you’re a Microsoft Office user, you probably already have it installed. This session will take you on a whirlwind tour of OneNote and show you how this hugely versatile digital notebook can enhance your learning and teaching.
Howard Errey
E-learning Consultant
Howard is a psychologist who is an E-learning Consultant at e-Works. He has managed several projects for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework including Inclusive E-learning and Victorian Elearning Innovations Coordinator.
In addition he also consults privately in the adoption of social collaboration. Howard is interested in how technology can enable better engagement, support, connectedness and collaboration in e-learning. As well he likes exploring how online tools can both create new ways of sharing information and learning as well as create socially connected contexts to enhance informal learning.
Twitter for educators
Often confused with other social networks Twitter stands out in its information sharing capabilities – yet it is not easy to learn. Twitter started out as microblogging, changed into a messaging service and now performs a myriad of useful activities. For educators it provides a collection of web functionalities and services both in helping you keep up-to-date and network; and helping your students to acquire knowledge. This session looks at what you need to get started and running Twitter, understanding its contexts and grammar, to enhance your own Personal Learning Network and its role in training and education.
Trudi Grant Microsoft - Education Account Manager Victoria and Emilio Parente Microsoft – Education Technology Strategist Victoria
TRUDI GRANT – Microsoft - Education Account Manager Victoria
I am very passionate about helping Victorians to learn and prepare for or re-enter a 21st Century workforce and grow to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling life, while contributing to their local and global communities. Working at Microsoft in the Education space is extremely fulfilling, particularly facilitating professional development opportunities for teachers to utilise technology to enhance better learning outcomes. With the use of technology teachers can create learning experiences that are powerful, impactful, engaging, memorable, globally connected and relevant to the workforce learners enter.
Prior to working at Microsoft, I spent nine years at Hewlett Packard working with public sector customers as well as lecturing and tutoring at LaTrobe University in the health sciences, nursing and physiotherapy streams. My career prior to IT was working as a Sports Physiotherapist in private practice in Melbourne.
EMILIO PARENTE – Microsoft – Education Technology Strategist Victoria
I have held a career in IT spanning 20 years, and in this time I have held several positions ranging from technical support, service management to sales focussed roles. The companies I have worked for include Nestle, BHP, IBM and Microsoft.
I hold a very strong and personal passion for education, in particular around internet awareness and safety for young students, parents and teachers. I am a very active member of the ThinkUKnow program, which is a joint partnership between Microsoft and the AFP. This program is designed to arm teachers and parents with further knowledge and awareness of the online dangers young kids face today, with guidance and recommendations put forward by experienced volunteers.
This program has allowed me to extend my reach within education, and has strengthened my passion for the education sector. Ultimately, leaving a direct impact on education is my primary goal, and my current role in Microsoft provides me with the tools to achieve this.
Microsoft: Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Trudi and Emilio will present an overview of current innovation in teaching and learning which will also include:
  • Ensuring value maximized from the ACFE Board Microsoft Licensing Agreement
  • New features and benefits such as the Home Use Program for Staff and Dreamspark
  • New developments including cloud computing and Office 365, Windows 8, Lync
  • Digital literacy and IT Academy
  • Elearning and technology
Michael Gwyther Michael commenced working in elearning with ESL learners in the mid 90's before mentoring Community Education teachers in elearning content and facilitation strategies. Now part of elearning and multimedia consulting company yum studio, he overseas a range of coaching, mentoring and training programs to assist L&D practitioners to introduce strategise and sustain learner centred approaches to elearning. Michael is also an elearning developer working with corporate, tertiary, TAFEs and private RTOs. Michael is the Mentor for this year’s ACPET Vic Govt e-Learning Program. He is the current president of ElNet (E-learning network of Australasia) –
Session We all have opinions – Where do they come from?
Using pedagogical theories to support strong e-learning practices.
We all have our own ways of conducting training and assessment, but how do these translate into good e-learning? What is it that guides your practice?
Learn about the principles of good practice in teaching and learning and how this can easily support your learning design. See examples of informed practice in action and how to apply this to the design of your assessment and evaluate evidence types. Look at a range of tools suited to the task develop your own conclusion about learning design.
Rheinard Korf
Innovative Learning Designer
Rheinard’s foray into ICT started at the age of 6 when he pulled apart and fixed a VCR after a lightning strike. It was a Benjamin Franklin moment for Rheinard and he knew that he would have a career in technology. His in depth learning started at the age of 12, spending his pocket money on programming books.
Learning how to learn brought two worlds together and he has been actively involved in the VET sector for the last 9 years – as trainer, mentor and e-learning specialist.
Rheinard fervently believes in the contextualisation of technology to provide learning solutions.
Quality systems to support quality learning
Being a small RTO presented us with an unfair advantage in creativity and innovation. I will show you how we got cloud hosting (for FREE), turned a room that showed little potential, into a video powerhouse and created a framework for the improvement in quality training. Where we go next is the exciting part!
Carole McCulloch
Coach Carole
Carole McCulloch (aka Coach Carole) has been involved in education and training for schools, VET and community Learn Locals as a teacher, instructional designer, mentor and e-learning consultant. Carole is the principal consultant for Coach a subsidiary of Macro Dimensions which specialises in professional development for trainers and tutors in the use of blended e-learning and e-portfolio approaches for their e-learners. Current projects include leadership, support and mentoring services for: e-skills mooc - Partnerships in Participation (NVELS); Blended Rural e-Learning for Aged Care tutors (YNH Services); E-mentor program for Learn Locals (ACFE) and E-portfolio Case Studies (eWorks).
Moodle / Mahara Safari
Let’s take a journey into the magical forests of Moodle and mysterious jungles of Mahara! Pack a business case with your Course itinerary and E-portfolio artefacts! Play in a Moodle sandpit; drag n’ drop your files; build your e-portfolio and send to Moodle with Mahara Assignment. Take the Mahoodle Safari!
Junita Lyon
E-Mentor Gippsland Region
Junita Lyon is an ACFE e-mentor for the Gippsland Region and has been involved in helping organizations across her region build their e-capability
She is a social networking, blogging, e-portfolio and hospitality Trainer at Lakes Entrance Neighborhood House where she offers a blended learning approach.
Junita is also an Online facilitator for YNH Services and a team member on the Australia e-series where she is coordinator of Community Connect with a team of educators from across all sectors of education that offer Free Professional Development by informal learning.
Her interest in helping others build on their organizational and classroom practice has led to developing a strong Personal Learning Network. She manages with her colleague Katt Matthews a PLN website and Facebook page

Marilyn Pelman & Kathryn Matthews
Marilyn Pelman
Marilyn has been managing the Mt Eliza Village Neighbourhood Centre for 6 years and during this time has focused on improving digital literacy throughout the organisation. She has seen this strategy as another dimension to community development for building relationships within our local and extended communities. This has benefited our organisation to stay relevant for our learners. The organisation participated in the ACFE eMentor program in 2011.
Kathryn Matthews
Kathryn has been Program Coordinator Mt Eliza Village Neighbourhood Centre for 6 years and Computer Tutor for 5 years. She has developed an IT philosophy within the organisation that has embedding a digital culture through all levels of the organisation as well as learners. Kathryn has been an ACFE eChampion with the eMentor program for the past two years and a regular online facilitator on Community Connect.
Breaking e-Learning Barriers everywhere
Sharing how to develop and sustain an IT presence and culture within your community based organisation that includes all levels of organisational layers.
An interactive workshop to help you to develop five strategies your organisation can do to improve its digital awareness and literacy.
Sarah Phillips
Sarah is an E-learning Consultant at eWorks which includes the roles of Victorian Content Services Advisor and Victorian E-learning Coordinator for the National VET E-learning Strategy. She has been involved with e-learning in VET for the past 6 years and has worked with a range of sectors, including ACFE, TAFE private and Industry.
Sarah specialises in a range of platforms including Moodle, Mahara and Blackboard Collaborate, consults in the use of Web2.0 and Social Media, and enjoys working in the area of Learning Design as well as Organisational Capacity Development.
We all have opinions – Where do they come from?
Using pedagogical theories to support strong e-learning practices.
We all have our own ways of conducting training and assessment, but how do these translate into good e-learning? What is it that guides your practice?
Learn about the principles of good practice in teaching and learning and how this can easily support your learning design. See examples of informed practice in action and how to apply this to the design of your assessment and evaluate evidence types. Look at a range of tools suited to the task develop your own conclusion about learning design.
Dwayne Rabel
Manager, Policy and Programs, Department of Business and Innovation
Dwayne has worked in both the private and public sectors in roles including regulatory reform, economic analysis, strategic planning and policy. For the last 2 years he has been involved in developing, implementing and monitoring the Broadband Enabled Innovation Program (BEIP) for the Victorian Government. BEIP is a broadband lead adoption program designed to develop and pilot projects for use on high capacity broadband networks that bring some economic, social or environmental benefits for Victoria. Dwayne in interested in exploring how firms can use broadband to innovate and make firms more efficient and effective in delivering goods and services. In his spare time Dwayne coaches juniors at the local football and cricket clubs.
High capacity broadband and benefits to elearning and community organisations.
Pam Ridd Working in Retail and Hospitality, Pam saw the need to pass on her experience through Vocational training. She has worked in the VET & ACE sector since 2000, acquiring a Bachelor Adult Learning & Development as well. Since Learnscope 2005 to currently e-learning Mentor for Grampians she has taken every opportunity develop and pass on her skills and knowledge in e-learning.
Joan Coker
Manager and IT Trainer at the Haddon & District Community House & IT trainer for community houses for ten years. We were successful in gaining Innovation & Capacity “Mobile and E-Ways Learning.” Project. As current Grampians e-champion I have a passion for teaching and embrace new technologies as a means of expanding learning to all.
Moving On Over Developing & Learning E.
The presentation is about 3 Capacity and Innovations projects based around Moodle implementation, content development delivery to learners at Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, Finding Futures and Joan’s project at Haddon. Pam’s role was as a Consultant on these projects. We will talk about the options successes and pitfalls for our projects.
Evelyn Schmidt
Coordinator of the Buchan Neighbourhood House for the past 5 years. First became involved in e learning in 2007 through the Australian Flexible Learning Network Framework Gippsland project and then as part of the ACFE e learners project and now in 2012 the e leaders project. Using these skills as part of the operations of the Buchan Neighbourhood House and developing my own e portfolio.
Regional Facebook
I would like to showcase some of the projects that we have achieved in Buchan.
Tony Scott
After going legally blind twelve years ago, I was retrained on computers and manafed to complete Cert IV in is as well as my Cert IV in Workplace Training. Murray Ace took a huge risk and employed me as a casual tutor, a positionI have held for some nine years. I have also qualified to teach both Cert II & III in Business.
FACEBOOK ...friend or foe
How we utilised Facebook to our advantage as a way of advertising, a learning tool and a general reference point for our clientele.
Clint Smith Clint is Director of LearnWorks, Melbourne, a learning and performance design company specialising in implementing e-learning. An experienced consultant, facilitator, presenter and researcher, he has worked in a corporate, education, government and community settings. His learning designs and information products have won several awards.
Clint has developed e-learning strategies for businesses, training providers and government bodies. Recent clients include RMIT University, Victoria Police, Fire and Rescue NSW and NISSAN Automotive Company. He co-designed and managed the top-rating Designing and implementing e-learning website and has designed e-learning programs ranging from self-paced modules to diploma-length online programs. He has presented his e-learning change management models internationally. He is an Executive Member of ElNet (E-learning Network of Australasia).
Planning for results: getting the best value from e-learning initiatives
E-learning will grow if and only if it offers more benefits than barriers ­­– for learners especially, but also for providers and teachers. We’ll look at ways of making sure you spread the joy and driving change by planning for business impact from e-learning initiatives at your place
Dora Troupiotis
Dora Troupiotis is the AMES eLearning co-ordinator with strong knowledge of and experience in eLearning and teaching English to ESL learners.
Dora has extensive e-learning experience supporting and promoting eLearning in AMES, including managing the Virtual ILC (www. and coordinating projects to create online Content Management Learning systems. Dora has successfully project managed several Victorian E-learning Innovation projects as Project Manager.
LYNC as an easy online collaboration solution
Microsoft LYNC 2010 provides a variety of tools for online meetings:
  • instant messaging, including instant translation
  • voice /video meetings,
  • sharing of:
    • Powerpoints,
    • Whiteboard
    • Applications/programs
    • Polls
    • Attachments
This session will report on the experiences of installing and using Microsoft LYNC for online collaboration at AMES as part of an ACFE Capacity & Innovation Quality Teaching project. Included in the report will be what infrastructure, equipment and expertise and support was needed to do so. This session will share the experiences of using LYNC for online meetings and also as a communication tool within the organization.
Gayle Webster
Coordinator of the Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House since 2002, during this time our Neighbourhood has been involved in various projects within our community involving disengaged youth, long term unemployed and peoplpe with a disabiltiy. We offer pre-accredited programs in IT and Hospitaltiy skills providing support to students, keeping classes to no more than 6 students.
Capacity & Innovation Project E Learning E Portfolios & Employment
Overview of the skills needed to complete an ePortfolio and how we provided long term unemployed with current IT and Hospitality skills to be used to assist them in developing their EPortfolios and enhancing their employability skills.
Pauline Wilson
Pauline Wilson is currently employed by YNH Services as the Training Coordinator. Pauline also delivers training in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She has been involved in the introduction of e-learning and Web 2.0 technologies at YNH Services and has designed their Moodle course for blended delivery of Training and Assessment. She is also interested in e-portfolios and their use in the Learn Local sector. Pauline is also the e-champion for the Hume Region.
Rural Blended Delivery of Aged and Home and Community Care
YNH Services is currently delivering classroom based Certificate III in Aged Care and Certificate III in Home and Community Care across the Moira Shire. This project, funded through the ACE Capacity Initiatives program aims to develop a sustainable blended delivery model that meets local aged care industry and community needs. This approach includes online, face-to-face, self-paced learning and mentoring, along with the establishment of cluster groups of students across the Moira shire, supported by tutors online and local mentors via Moira ACE Learn Local providers.